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Well, I try to knock out a book a week. However, sometimes I try to tackle a monumental book that takes me a month, e.g., “Infinite Jest.”

But you can check out my recent book reviews on Goodreads. I’ll usually do a brief review right after I finish a book. The most recent books:
Clive Barker – Galilee, Coldheart Canyon, The Thief of Always, Imajica
Gustave La Bon – The Crowd
David Ellefson – My Life With Death, and Making Music Your Business
State of Horror – North Carolina
Thomas Harris – Hannibal Rising, Hannibal
Joshua Foer – Moonwalking With Einstein
Daniel Pink – Drive
Harold Schecter – Deranged
Kira Peikoff – No Time To Die

And many more.

About Jay Lamm

J. Lamm is the bassist, vocalist, song writer, and keyboardist for the mercurial metal band Cea Serin. While away from Cea Serin J. Lamm also performs live with Cirque Dreams as a touring musician. J. Lamm has also written and recorded music for movies, television and radio.
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