Here is my current equipment list:

Bass Guitars:
MTD Kingston Z Fretless 6-string
Conklin GTBD-7  7-String Bass
Music Man 6-String Bongo Bass
Carvin custom made 6-string fretless Bass
Ibanez Soundgear SR506 6-string Bass – 1995 model
Ibanez Soundgear SR 506 6-string Bass – 2012 model
Ibanez SR705 5-string Bass
Peavey T-20 4-string Bass
Warwick Corvette 4-string fretless with picollo bass strings
Ibanez SR500 4-string Bass
Applause by Ovation Acoustic Bass

Upright Bass:
NS Design – NXT Double Bass

MTD Kingston Rubicon
Ovation Celebrity Acoustic Guitar
Ibanez RG470 Electric Guitar

Roland D-20
Kurzweil K2500S w/Orb Drive

Mapex Mars Series 7-piece kit
Alesis DM5 drum module

Shure Beta 58 – main vocal mic
TC Helicon Quintet – harmonizer and processor
Peavy PM T-9000 – recording mic

Road case gear and extra stuff for live show:
Line 6 X3 Pro with foot controller.
Behringer Powerplay Pro-8 headphone distribution box
Behringer Ultra DI Pro – DI box
Mackie SRM 450 personal monitors
Mackie CR1604-VLZ mixer
Shure in-ear monitors with custom molds
TC Helicon Flashback Delay & Looper pedal.
Hartke 3500 Amp head (for backup)

Amp Cabs:
Hartke 2×15 Transport series
Hartke 4×10 Transport series

I use MTD strings and Tortex .88mm sharp picks.
I also use a Line 6 Pod Pro Floor Model for practice
I also use a Crate BX-160 for home practice.
I often travel with a Traveler Guitar Escape MK-II travel bass for practice.
I use Cubase recording software for home studio.

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