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Video clips by genre:

Rock & Metal – 4 videos including:

  • “Shotgun Love Triangle” a slap happy tap happy thrill ride of techniques
  • “Terminal Beach” cover of Stu Hamm’s original song
  • “Holy Mother” – Cea Serin Instrumental play through
  • “The Illumination Mask” – Cea Serin instrumental play through

Classical – 1 video: Bach’s Prelude Cello Suite No. 1 for electric and fretless bass

Jazz – 1 video: cover of Michael Manring’s “When Last We Spoke”

Cirque-Style – 18 videos

New Age – 1 video: Digital Universe teaser

Folk – 2 videos:

  • “Come Wander With Me” cover of Jeff Alexander song from the Twilight Zone episode of the same name. Fretless bass w/ebow, keyboards, guitar, voice
  • “Shipwrecked” cover of Shane Alexander song. Fretless bass w/ebow, acoustic guitar, keyboards, voice.

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