Jay Lamm is the singer, bassist, keyboardist, programmer, and exclusive song writer for the mercurial metal band, Cea Serin.  Cea Serin was signed to Nightmare Records for the U.S. release of their album “…where memories combine…” and signed to Heavencross Records for the album’s release for the rest of the world in 2004.  There was much critical acclaim for the release of this album from a band that shared a stage at the Prog Power pre-show several months before.  Cea Serin recently finished work on the recording of the newest album.

Before the band was signed they were at the forefront of the boom, winning several online contests and even being picked as the first band to go head-to-head in a Metal Blade Records competition to compete for a record contract.  After the completion of their demo “The Surface of All Things” the band chose to sign with Heavencross Records.  However, it was not long after they signed to Heavencross that Nightmare Records came in and wanted to work with Cea Serin as well.  The two labels would share duties and divvy up the regions for the album’s release.

Cea Serin has appeared in major magazines in the form of interviews, articles, and sampler tracks.  Online progressive metal radio stations still have Cea Serin songs in rotation.  Webzines often will use Cea Serin to compare newer bands that utilize the same harsh/clean vocal approach that Cea Serin used back when very few bands would attempt it.

In the time between releases Cea Serin has built their own recording studio and has been working on the follow up to their debut.

Outside the world of metal music, Jay Lamm has worked as a songwriter and recording artist for several movies, TV shows, commercials and even planetarium productions.  His first film was “Broken Promise” by Kevin White which quickly led to a couple of short films, selected original songs in Travis Williams’ “Danceworld: Revelations,” original music for the TV show “Planet Buzz” and more short film work.

Aside from his original work Jay Lamm has also performed with other bands in both a live and studio environment, providing keyboards, bass, backing vocals, or whatever eclectic needs a recording artist might have.  His most recent work was with the female-fronted gothic metal band Menagerie where he performed as a keyboardist and backing vocalist on their newest album “In Moderation.”

In 2008 Jay Lamm began to push his solo album to planetariums around the country.  His solo CD is filled with new age music geared towards planetarium original productions.  Currently there are several planetariums in the country using his CD “Form and Void: A Digital  Universe” for their in-house music.

Jay Lamm was recently the touring bassist with the Cirque Dreams production called “Pop Goes the Rock.”  The national tour ran from Feb. 18th till mid-May 2012 and featured Jay Lamm on stage as a bassist as well as providing some vocals.

Outside the world of music Jay Lamm is also a painter and a writer.  His paintings combine recorded music that couple along with their visual representations.  He also published an essay on the Slovenian/Italian band Devil Doll several years back.

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